Prescription Assistance


  • Application assistance for patients who qualify for free medications, discounted medications, medication vouchers and coupons, or Retail pharmacy cards through Patient Assistance Programs Nationwide
  • Nominal application fees of $5 for one application and $10 for two or more applications if processed at the same time and no application fees are charged for Discount medication applications or IHS patients
  • Patients with Medicare Part D who have used their maximum benefits for the year may be eligible depending on the Medication(s) needed and programs available
  • Depending on the company, medications are available in 30 to 120 day supplies
  • Medications are delivered to the Benewah Medical Center and may be picked up at the Pharmacy
  • Patients have an opportunity to receive medication counseling and ask questions about their drug therapy

Patient Responsibilities

  • Work in partnership with the Prescription Assistance Advocate to provide all required information and documentation to process each application
  • Inform the Prescription Assistance Advocate of any medication or communications from a Drug company if delivered to the patient's home address
  • Inform the Prescription Assistance Advocate of any changes in prescription insurance coverage, medication dosage changes, or medications discontinued by the physician


The Prescription Assistance Program has one full-time Prescription Assistance Advocate. If possible, please call ahead for an appointment to be assured hands on assistance. This program is administered mainly through the mail and most questions can be answered over the phone. There is a message center and mail drop off area at the Prescription Assistance Program office door, which is located on the second level of the Benewah Medical Center.

Eligibility requirements vary between programs. To find out if you qualify for a particular program, please call (208) 686-1931 or (800) 325-7371 between the hours of 8am and 6pm.