Purchased & Referred Care (formerly Contract Health)


  • PRC is a program that pays for referral services from Benewah Medical Center providers to outside providers of medical, dental, and mental health services for PRC eligible patients.


  • Establish patient eligibility for PRC Service
  • Process patient referrals from Benewah Medical Center providers for specialist and/or inpatient care in North Idaho and Spokane
  • Provide case management services for many patients
  • Help patients apply for any available alternate resources such as, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and private insurances
  • Provide payment for approved medical and dental services
  • Ensure, through medical review, appropriate use of emergency services
  • Indian Health Service guidelines must be followed to pay for referral services
  • Non-emergent care must be referred by a Benewah Medical Center provider


The PRC Department is committed to advocate for PRC eligible Native patients to access medical care and maximize the budget provided for those services.