• Patient-centered and directed toward the best patient care
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Medication screening for
    • Correct patient
    • Legality of drug order
    • Drug-induced or drug-related problems
    • Appropriateness of drug therapy for stated indication and patient
    • Drug-drug, drug-diet, drug-laboratory interactions
    • Disease conditions that might require alternative dose or drug
    • Careful dose and quantity reviews
    • Appropriateness of follow up for current health problems


  • Prescription refills can be called in at (208) 686-1007
  • Please give at least 24 hours for all refills
  • Have the prescription bottle or Rx numbers ready 
    • Press 1- to refill a prescription
    • Enter your Rx number followed by #
    • Press 1 if correct, if incorrect press 3
    • It will give you the first few letters of your name
    • Press 1 if correct, if incorrect press 3
    • If you would like to enter another prescription Press 1
    • If you are finished entering prescriptions Press 3

Special Programs

  • Assist patients in maintaining safe and effective anticoagulation through our anticoagulation management clinic. Our pharmacists are involved in direct patient anticoagulation monitoring and management of oral and injectable anticoagulants. Pharmacists have a thorough knowledge of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and medication interactions which make them pertinent in assisting patients throughout their anticoagulation therapy. This program is directed at improving patient knowledge and empowering patients to achieve better therapeutic outcomes while increasing safety. 
  • The pharmacy provides a smoking cessation assistance program. Pharmacists are in a unique position to help improve patient’s smoking cessation outcomes and safety through their knowledge of medications indicated for smoking cessation. Once the patient has decided to quit they have the option of visiting with one of our experienced pharmacists to help select the most appropriate prescription or nonprescription treatment. This individual treatment along with supportive patient education will aid in helping patients quit as well as staying smoke-free. 


The pharmacy is staffed with full-time pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy externs. Our goal is to assure safe and cost-effective drug therapy and appropriate outcomes in the use of medications in the community. In order to reach this goal, pharmacists review the complete medical record or prescription order prior to dispensing medications. Concerns or questions on treatment are discussed with the provider for clarification to assure patients receive the very best care. We monitor all therapy for its effectiveness and to prevent or detect undesired drug reactions.