• Personalized one on one diabetes education and support
  • Foot Care Clinic focusing on amputation prevention
  • Assisting clients with blood glucose pattern management
  • Collaborate with other medical services to provide quality care to educate and prevent complications of Diabetes
  • Community based Diabetes Risk Screening
  • Native American Diabetics may qualify to obtain dentures, eye exam/glasses and diabetic shoes from the Diabetes Treatment funding.

Special Clinics

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Nursing Foot Clinic every Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment
  • Quarterly support groups/educational seminars
  • Group Diabetes Education classes
  • Annual Adult Diabetes Camp offered to educate the client with prevention strategies as well as network with other persons with diabetes

    Our goal is to provide community and patient education that will empower the person with diabetes or at risk for diabetes to take a stand against this deadly disease by promoting health lifestyle changes and increasing physical activity.

Eligibility requirements vary between programs. To find out if you qualify for a particular program, please call (208) 686-1767 or (800) 325-7371 between the hours of 8am and 5pm.